Fiskars: Trimmer, 12" Deluxe Surecut (Craft)

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Product Overview

Fiskars Deluxe SureCut Trimmer (12 in.) has a break and fray proof stainless steel SureCut wire that indicates exactly where the blade will cut, while our patented TripleTrack System interlocks the blade and rail for straight, precise cuts every time. Ergonomic features include an easy-grip high-profile blade carriage and transport-friendly, lightweight, compact design. This trimmer's 6 1/4 in. wide base deck and its self-leveling, swing-out arm, extending to 15 1/4 in., make it the largest paper trimmer base on the market for accurate cuts on large projects. A permanent grid, featuring 1/16 in. gridlines, also helps ensure measuring accuracy, while an extended cut rail with smudge guard, and rubberized feet, help to hold materials in place and protect your work space.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review