Ciao Bella: Clear Stamp, Notre Vie - Le Magnolia

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Product Overview

Our high quality clear photopolymer stamps are manufactured using a patented photopolymer and UV light exposure, this way we are able to achieve a higher level of detail. They are also designed to achieve optimum performance ensuring you get the highest quality possible.

  • Size: Set dimension 4x6 inches
  • Crystal clear and yellowing resistant, high clarity allow easy inking and positioning
  • Ink: Designed to work excellently with all water based inks
  • Thickness: Optimised thickness gives the stamp deep plate relief whilst still holding all the fine detail required
  • Tear resistant, if stretched they relax back to their original shape
  • Long lasting, they have been tested to a million impressions so they will last for a very long time!
  • Eco-friendly: Low carbon footprint
  • Production: Designed in Italy



(No reviews yet) Write a Review